Hearts at Rest offers a beautiful collection of traditional lullabies from England, Ireland, Scotland and Brittany. The combination of Linda Miller's tender vocals and the simple acoustic accompaniments make for a recording of great immediacy and warmth, as if your mother were sitting by your bedside, singing you to sleep.

The accompanying musicians are among Ontario's finest traditional players. They include: Ian Robb of Finest Kind on concertina; John Geggie of Chelsea Bridge and The Angstones on stand-up bass; Nathan Curry of Six Mile Bridge and The Pierre Schryer Band on bodhran, guitars, cittern and mandolin; and James Stephens of Six Mile Bridge and Fat Man Waving on fiddle, viola, mandolin, and harmony vocals. The album was also co-produced and recorded by James Stephens, much sought after by Canada's independent artists for his keen ear and sensitive musicality.

Linda Miller's musical career began on Canada's West Coast on Hornby Island, a place well known for its diverse artistic expression and serene beauty. After appearing at major venues in British Columbia, she returned to Ottawa where she sang with Ian Tamblyn and formed a duo with Nathan Curry, hosting weekly traditional music sessions, performing at clubs and concerts across Ontario and Quebec and in Tel Aviv as part of the Celebrate Canada Festival.

A singer with an unique ability to touch people's hearts, Linda offers this timeless recording as a gift to anyone in need of a quiet respite, a mother's soothing voice and a heart at rest.


"Hearts At Rest is the perfect title for this pretty-darn-near-perfect recording"

Dirty Linen

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"One sweet gem of an album."

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Northern Journey Online Page

"as appealing and soothing to parents as to babies... Linda Miller has just the right voice to deliver them: soft, warm and gentle... simple, heartfelt words that bathe the soul."
Today's Parent and Great Expectations

" Delightful... Celtic song at its best... Highly recommended."

Canadian Folk Music Bulletin

"I know the assumption of Hearts at Rest ( Celtic Lullabies, sung by Linda Miller) is that you might play this disc before bedtime. Well, my hope is that you will stay awake to hear all the lovely songs. Linda has a beautiful voice that is both clear and dusky at the same time. The production is sparse and well-considered. Yes, this is an album of Celtic lullabies but it stands as a wonderful disc unto itself."
Ian Tamblyn

"Linda's voice is beautifully fit to these songs. Her singing of them is both
haunting and comforting."
Arthur MacGregor, Ottawa Folklore Centre

"I was stunned by its beauty. . .combines sensitive lyrics with musicality. . .such
a joyous shift from the usual in this genre."
David Mallette, Early Childhood Educator


"Every time my baby is fussy, I put on Hearts at Rest and she settles right down."

"I can always tell when my girlfriend has had a rough day at the office. I get
home, all the lights are off and she's in the bath with candles lit and Hearts at
Rest playing."

" Without your lullabies, we would have snapped."father of two-year old

"My seven year old has insisted I play it every night since we have gotten it. She won't go to sleep without it"

"It calms my soul." mother of two very young children

available on cd and cassette from: The Ottawa Folklore Centre 1-800-385-FOLK

Linda Miller

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